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On March 4, 2015, the Boston Waterfront experienced a devastating flood which resulted in significant property damage. All contents were lost. The building and outside premises suffered catastrophic water and ice damage. The estimates for the necessary repairs and replacement of the restaurant and kitchen contents, exceed the insurance reimbursement.  As this is our 31st flood since opening in 2000, with fifteen of those resulting in considerable loss of business and property, it became apparent that the losses we encounter each and every time our restaurant floods, is becoming more difficult to recover from.

It was even more difficult to make the decision on whether or not to try to re-open with the tremendous time and cost estimated for the restoration effort.  After much consultation and consideration of all our options, we have decided not to re-open the Boston Waterfront as a restaurant and event center. We are currently looking, long term, at other options that may better utilize the riverfront property.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to our staff, our customers, family and friends who have helped and supported us over the past fifteen years. It has always been our source of inspiration in both good and bad times. For that we are most appreciative.  The friends we have made and the relationships that have evolved over the years, we will take with us as they have been the heart and soul of the Boston Waterfront.  

Sandy Peppler